Why Is The Atlantic Ocean So Desirable?

Why Is The Atlantic Ocean So Preferable?

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Well it might be wise to start this column off by stating that it features a bias. I love the Atlantic Ocean and I would stagnate away from it in a million years. My predisposition originates from the first 22 years of my life surviving on the beaches of Santa Barbara over on the west coast.

Not exactly what you expected to hear I wager! The majority of people that mature in California either stay there, right on the coast, or at least stay on the western side of the states where they can a minimum of enjoy the mountains. I nevertheless have quite a different take, not an unpopular one either, specifically after you are able to hear and to consider exactly what you are able to hear and think of what you are about to check out and consider in the following paragraphs about the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean.

Maturing on the west coast was excellent do not get me wrong but there were certainly things that tainted the stunning tranquility of the Pacific ocean for me that are not associated with the Atlantic ocean in my mind.

Top thing would be the drugs. Generally in California if you weren’t a weirdo you were high on some chemical that made you forget the high expense of living that you had to handle and the constant danger of earthquakes ever lurking on the horizon of my stress and anxiety. The mix of these more than typical stress factors drove me to drug and heroin, which was all over you turned in warm California and particularly on the beaches. I’m sickened to consider the dragnet that this was for me and a great deal of other folks who wasted their possibility at a productive start on the coasts of an ocean that was not the Atlantic Ocean.

The other main point I like about the Atlantic Ocean is the relative lack of browsing, a sport I as soon as enjoyed and now dislike. I lost my love to the jaws of a thick Pacific Ocean shark as she was paddling out on a big wave day you see, and have renounced the sport that took a lot from me. Its not that the east coast waters do not have sharks its simply that they are cooler and less pleasurable to browse in (less waves.)

So general it isn’t a love of the Atlantic Ocean for me even it is a hatred for the Pacific Ocean that haunts me with all of the deepest recesses of my life that I wish to recuperate from and ignore. Maybe by doing this I will have the ability to go to sleep during the night without valium.