Things to Do on Vacation in Santa Barbara, California

Whether you’re a brand-new visitor to the location or have lived in Santa Barbara your whole life, there are lots of fun things for you do in this beautiful part of California. The obvious activities are linked to the great outdoors and natural surroundings, from cycling, to swimming or viewing dolphins and whales swimming from the deck of one of the boats providing cruises around the waters just off the shoreline. However there’s a side of Santa Barbara that’s away from the ocean, and it’s full of intriguing things to do on your trip.

The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum which concentrates on marine life is one such location. Additionally, the Museum of Natural History is the home of eleven different exhibition halls, containing lots of birds, mammals, bugs and a lot more. Paleontology will be hectic attempting to discover exactly what it is they have actually discovered, while you take a look at all of the marine life they’ve discovered. As you explore the structure, do not be stunned when you turn a corner just to find numerous ranges of reptiles! The museum’s planetarium is an interesting place to check out as well as has introduction to astronomy shows for kids.

Animals are another big tourist attraction at the Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens where you’ll have the ability to see over 700 animals from across the globe, not to mention walk among the stunning gardens. Integrated in 1817, the Casa de La Guerra is still standing and a very fascinating place for anyone with a passion for history, but if trains are more your thing, have a look at the Stow Home & Railroad Museum. Wine fanatics however will be looking to travel a bit more north of the main Santa Barbara area where they can discover the local vineyards.

Although Santa Barbara is well known for it’s ocean views and way of life, there’s more to the area than simply sand, sun and water– it’s a place where you can invest a few of your time delighting in the beach, and the other part of it having a look at the other different activities the area needs to offer.