Take An Excursion From Alicante To Nearby Torrevieja

Take A Trip From Alicante To Close-by Torrevieja

California July 2013
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If you’re searching for an adventure, and Spain is on your travel program, then you’re certainly going to want to do some sightseeing in Alicante, which is in fact the second most significant city of the Valencia Province, in the wonderful area of Costa Blanca. You will not be alone on your expedition being that more than six million people visit this region each year as travelers, most of them getting in the area by method of the Alicante airport.

If your thing is to go to museums or historic structures when you’re sightseeing around town then you’ll want to go to The Old City Center, which has a wide variety of these types of places for you to see. You’ll definitely eliminate the wonderful experience of Spanish culture and history as you visit this location. It would really take you days to see all that this area needs to offer, so your strategies ought to include a few days in this vicinity if this is exactly what you take pleasure in.

One such museum in the location that you’ll wish to have a look at, especially if you’re one who enjoys Christmas or are taking a trip with somebody who does is The Nativity Scene Museum. This museum has free admission, and shows nativity scenes from all over the world.

Another popular destination in the location is The Con Cathedral of San Nicolas de Bari. You’ll easily identify this building due to the big blue dome on the top of the church, which is a staple of the city actually. At the entryway of the church is a sculpture of Saint Nicholas made from black marble that is a beautiful site to see.

If you’re searching for a terrific view of the city, you will be doing yourself a terrific service by checking out The Castle of Santa Barbara, one of the greatest Medieval fortresses in all of Europe. From atop the tower is the terrific view that you were searching for. This is likewise a place to see many excellent Spanish sculptures, along with artifacts from as far back as the Bronze Age.

Now, if you’re a party person and wish to enjoy the night life of Alicante, then visiting the Old Quarter, maybe better referred to as the Barrio Santa Cruz, will be the location to be for a minimum of one night of your journey to this city. You’ll find a range of clubs, bars, and restaurants in this area where you can delight in music and dancing.

Of course a huge part of the tourist attraction of Alicante are the beaches of the area. The Costa Blanca, house of the longest summertimes in all of Spain, is perhaps one of the best places on the planet to relax in the sun. Whether you’re shopping at the boardwalk of the beach or delighting in a fast bite at a near café you’re sure to remember this spot forever.

If you’re trying to find a small adventure away from the city of Alicante, then you’ll be happy to know that just about 50km from the southwest section of Alicante lies the gorgeous city of Torrevieja. This is a huge fishing location being home to over 300 fishing ships and 900 personal fishing sports boats. As well, this location is a substantial manufacturer of salt, producing more than five hundred thousand tons of salt each year. You’ll be able to delight in hotels near the beach and excellent weather in this area too, plus you’ll get the experience of the terrific culture and architecture around the city with active structures, churches, water fountains, and sculptures.

All in all, your journey to Alicante makes certain to be an excellent one.