Discover The Joy Of Tandem Skydiving At California’s Extreme Sports Centers

Discover The Happiness Of Tandem Skydiving At California’s Extreme Sports Centers

California’s severe sports centers provide tandem dives for newbies along with sped up totally free fall and sped up trainee programs for those who want to pursue skydiving more seriously. At inexpensive costs with discount rates they provide a chance of a life time.

Wish to experience the thrill of skydiving and not have to fret about safety problems? Then consider tandem dives at California’s extreme sports centers that provide tandem dives, sped up complimentary fall programs and sped up trainee programs. Utilized to an experienced and skilled jumpmaster you will experience about 90 seconds of freefall followed by 5-7 minutes of parachute descent. The square parachutes used guarantee a smooth trip down as well as a simple landing.

Skydive Santa Barbara Positioned at the Lompoc airport at 1801 North H Street, Suite G, Lompac, Skydive Santa Barbara is easily available. If you are driving in from Santa Barbara it must take you about 45 minutes to obtain to this extreme sports center. Move North on 101 and take the Highway 1 Exit after the Gaviota tunnel and head North up until you reach the Lompac traffic control. Turn left into Ocean and drive on till H Street and turn right. Move on till you pass by the Central Opportunity. Now the Lompoc airport will be on your left. Move into the airport from the George Miller Drive and discover the Center beside the Airport beacon Tower.

Programs and Costs The Skydive Santa Barbara offers tandem dives in addition to accelerated totally free fall programs (AFF). The first tandem dive costs $199 and the second $159. The AFF program costs $149 per level of the 7 level programs until you are prepared to leap solo. Bookings have to be made 1-2 weeks ahead of schedule and a $50 deposit has to be provided per individual. Some of the extra facilities readily available here consist of oxygen for high skydives!

Skydive Taft
The Taft Airport is the location of the Skydive Taft, which provides patrons a chance at tandem jumps along with sped up free fall programs. It also offers jumpers and their pals an opportunity to relax in its wonderful patio and barbecue location. Also offered is a bunkhouse where you can decide to remain the night and get an early start on the skydiving!

Exactly what’s On Offer? Your very first tandem dive will cost $180 and the prices for groups are a little lower. An AFF program starts at $280 and the cost goes down as you complete levels. Skydive Taft provides discount rates to students, military workers, birthday groups, etc. A non-refundable $50 deposit is needed per individual.

Finding Skydive Taft From Los Angeles the Skydive Taft is about an hour and 45 minutes away. Take the Interstate 5 North and Exit Highway166 and turn left. After a 23-mile drive till Maricopa move right onto Highway 119/33 by the Shell Station. 8 miles more and you are at Taft. At Kern Street make a right turn and the Skydive Taft is at the very first garage of the airport.