Child Emancipation and Impairment in Colorado

Colorado child emancipation and special needs cases can be made complex ones. This post attends to the fundamental problems with regard to state law.

In Colorado, non-custodial parents are needed to pay kid assistance until the child is considered emancipated by the court. The huge majority of the time, this takes place when the child reaches the age of 19. Some states consider a child emancipated at 18, however Colorado needs kid support an extra year. There are a couple of scenarios where emancipation can occur prior to the age of 19. If a kid goes into active military service prior to 19 or ends up being married, they are considered emancipated. If a child is still in high school when they turn 19, the kid is not considered emancipated up until a month after he or she graduates.
If a child is mentally or physically disabled, kid support can continue past the age of 19. It will continue until the kid no longer has the impairment meaning that a parent could potentially pay child support for the rest of his or her life. In order for a child to be thought about handicapped, a court or child support enforcement agency will need to find that the child will not be able to supply for himself or herself adequately in their adult life. The Colorado case In Re Cropper (1995) confirmed the courts capability to impose a child assistance commitment throughout of the impairment. That case talked about the revenues of the handicapped child and how those earning impact the child assistance. So, sometimes the child assistance amount will be lower considering that the handicapped individual typically qualifies for other services such as SSDI, or can discover some type of part-time work.

Child support is extremely important to make certain that your household is being looked after, but you need to make certain that the cash is going where it requires to go, and it the lawful amount. If you are handling child support problems, be it disability, emancipation, adjustment or another problem, it is suggested that you get in touch with a lawyer to be an advocate for your case.