Bad Case of HPV

Newport Beach HPV Doctor Jeffrey Lauber
Newport Beach HPV Doctor Jeffrey Lauber

A few weeks after my ex- girlfriend visited me at my place for the weekend, I began to scratch my groin persistently. I hadn’t given it much thought because I thought it was a normal thing occasioned by the heat around. However, the itch around my groin area increased a few weeks later, which became uncomfortable for me even to the point of affecting my concentration in class. I still shrugged this and dismissed, still believing that it would go away. A few days after that, I started to feel slight painful bumps at the base of my penis and scrotum and the itch had increased ten-folds. I became increasingly alarmed fearing that I might have caught something from my ex and quickly combed through the internet to see what the issue might be. The results were scary and I resolved that I would visit Newport Beach area to seek medical assistance the following morning.

I woke up early trying hard to push the discomfort away and drove to Newport Beach to find a good Genital Warts doctor. After driving around, I decided to enter a clinic and was warmly ushered in so that I could see the doctor. I was a bit embarrassed to talk to the doctor about my problem. A few minutes after settling in a chair, a warm-hearted doctor walked in and extended his hand and introduced himself as Dr. Lauber. His infectious personality and concern made me more comfortable and free to talk about what I was feeling and experiencing. I explained that I had been experiencing soft bumps around my penis, scrotum and the area around my thighs and scrotum were quite itchy. Dr. Lauber examined me in the room and professionally asked if I had unprotected sex recently which I answered in the affirmative.

It turned out that I had penile genital warts. Noticing the startled and blank stare on my face, the doctor explained that penile genital warts are a sexually transmitted infection. He explained that it is caused by HPV and the symptoms appear a few weeks after the contact. This was the reason that I had been experiencing the discomfort. His experience and assurance that he would provide me with medication greatly helped me to calm down. The doctor administered medication which I religiously used for a few days. The bumps around my penis reduced and cleared a week after the visit. As for the uncomfortable itch around the scrotum, the itch went away the first night I started on my medication.

A week later, I decided to give my ex-girlfriend a call and asked her if she was experiencing anything unusual around her genitalia. Embarrassingly, she said that she had seen a doctor a few days after she left my house and was at a loss on how to break the news to me. I was glad that she had decided to be honest and that I had taken the decision to see Dr. Lauber in Newport Beach. It is important if you are experiencing the discomfort that I had, to seek medical services of a good and experienced doctor to get tested and treatment.