Serious Skin Care For Acne-Prone Skin

Serious Skin Take care of Acne-Prone Skin

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When it pertains to acne, a lot of information is readily available from various sources. Old spouses’ tales, random experiments, and even misdirected practices that guarantee instantaneous cures for acne are followed by numerous in the hopes of being pimple-free. Sadly, some, if not all, of these lack scientific basis and can even make acne even worse. Major skin look after acne-prone skin begins with the right and proper information.

On reasons for acne:

There are a lot of misconceptions worrying the causes and treatment for acne. Below are simply a few of the most popular and commonly practiced acne misconceptions:

* Tension

Tension does not cause acne however it can make acne worse. Scientific studies show that stress can impact a person’s hormone cycle which can make the existing acne condition worse. Also, some psychiatric medicines required to reduce stress can acne as an adverse effects.

* Masturbation or sex

Sex or masturbation does not trigger acne. Studies done to relate sex or masturbation to acne are inconclusive without any additional evidence. An old wives’ tale, this acne myth ended up being popular during the early 17th century to prevent ladies from taking part in pre-marital sex or other scandalous behavior. Some misleading adults even use the fear of having acne to dissuade teenagers of today from taking part in sex at an early age.

* Chocolates and oily food

Although consuming excessive of sweets and oily food is never ever great for anybody, the relationship between acne and this food group is largely indirect. Hormonal modifications, which is the most typical cause of acne, might trigger a person to alternately yearn for sweet and salty food like chocolates and chips. Given that this yearning often coincides with acne flare ups, this food group has been misleadingly labeled as a cause of acne.

On remedies for acne

If misconceptions on the probable causes of acne are plentiful, there are likewise lots of so-called remedies that promise instantaneous freedom from acne. These are:

* Frequent face washing

Since excess oil and dirt are among the reasons for acne, some individuals have this misdirected concept that often cleaning one’s face can avoid and treat acne. However, this is not the case. Doing so only worsens acne since the skin is removed off protective lipids which can make it sensitive, dry, and susceptible to irritations.

* Tooth paste

Toothpaste has antiseptic properties which can cause a pimple to dry out. However, while using toothpaste to acne might work to some, it can trigger higher damage to others especially if applied for gradually. Tooth paste can dry surrounding areas and “burn” pimple spots which can result in stainings.

* Sun direct exposure

Most likely one of the most idiotic acne misconception to surface area, some individuals swear by this. Nevertheless, sun exposure can only cause one thing: skin damage. Tans and darker complexion only conceal or camouflage acne however a closer look and touch will reveal bumps and zits. This can make the acne situation worse given that sun direct exposure can make one’s skin dry, flaky, discolored, and extra-sensitive.

Consuming a well balanced diet plan, working out, getting sufficient rest, and following a skin care routine specific to one’s skin type are essential for major skin care of acne-prone skin. Medications and treatments recommended by a skin specialist can also help significantly.