A New Years Eve I wish I could forget

It all happened in New Year´s eve. There was still half an hour left for New Years and I already had way too many shots of whiskey with my friends. When 12 o´clock hit we had already bought a third bottle of whiskey and I apparently was hitting it off with Janel, a random girl I met at the party. That, my friends, is all I remember from that night. The next morning, however, Janel was lying in my bed next to me. After asking what had happened, you guessed it: unprotected sex.

I bragged for weeks about my one-night stand, since this is not something that happens to me every night. Nevertheless, eight weeks later I felt like it all backfired… maybe bad karma for not calling Janel back? I started feeling a sort of itch and a lump in my scrotum so I instantly went to the doctor. Dr. Lauber in Newport Beach,  first asked many routine questions like if I was allergic to any drugs, if I had had surgery, etc. Then he went on to ask specific questions about my sexual history, the symptoms I had been having and the times I remembered having unprotected sex.

Picture of HPV Doctor - Lauber
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The doctor then performed a full physical examination on me and scrutinized the protuberance in my scrotum. After this he confirmed I had the human papillomavirus (HPV), ‘HPV on my PENIS!’. So apparently my last New Years will stick in my memory for life, since HPV is a illness that can be treated but the virus will remain in my bloodstream for the rest of my life.

I asked my doctor and what the latter means is I will be experiencing eruptions throughout my life, but these can be controlled or treated. Treatments such as creams can help mitigate itching, redness and general appearance. Warts can also be removed with surgery if they are not eradicated with topical treatments.

I learned a lot about genital warts on that occasion. For example, now I know that they are a common sexually transmitted disease, also that they can be easily transmitted if they are in contact with skin, and that there are ways to prevent catching them. Certain types of HPV cause genital warts (there are more that 100 types of HPV) and these warts could have manifested in other parts of my body such as my feet, hands, mouth, penis or anus.

High risk HPV could even be the cause for some types of cancer, and for women it´s harder to detect in some cases, and a pelvic examination could be necessary. Anyhow, I got a whole lot of advice from my physician. He told me that it was very important to detect and manage the symptoms, since you don´t want to be spreading viruses on purpose. Especially when we´re talking about one that you will have to carry for life.

He also recommended I contact Janel, since it was likely that she needed a medical examination too. When I called her she told me she already had a medical examination because of a rare bleeding in her vagina, and that her doctor had also confirmed she had HPV. She didn´t know about it in New Year´s, but said she was really sorry anyways. I know it wasn´t her fault, but I have never spoken to her since.